What are digital backdrops? A digital backdrop is, essentially, a digitized version of the backdrops used in traditional photography. The subject of the photo is isolated, removed from the original photo and placed in the new background using photo editing software. Because the backgrounds are digital, you can place your subjects in just about any scene from fantastical faerie forests to tropical beaches, forests and cityscapes. Of course, you can also use simple, traditional backdrops as well. Looking for a good website? Try this one for digital backdrops

Digital backdrops allow you to be a little more creative with your photos. From product photography to portraits, fashion and modeling, digital backgrounds put your subjects in new and fantastic locations without you ever having to leave your studio.

Step 1

Remove the background

Step 2

Insert another background

Our first step is to remove the background. This can easily be done with photoshop, GIMP or by using a green screen. Once the background has been removed, simply insert another one and you're done.

We'll give you a few more examples to illustrate this process:

Digital backdrops - bringing photography to life What is a digital backdrop? That’s a question for those who aren't familiar with digital photography, or at least the lingo used in the niche might ask. The truth is, however, that most people have come across them, even if they can’t recognize them.

A complete overview on Digital backdrops

For instance, a digital backdrop is the same as a digital overlay, digital background or digital paper, all of which are, in simple terms, a digital image which can be used as the background of another photo to enhance it, or create some kind of illusion – like that of being in space, or in a distant location, when in fact the picture was taken in front of a blank studio wall. Digital backdrops are a product of modern technology, and one which has been welcomed by professionals and amateurs in all different industries, as they allow for an almost endless range of editing options, where once these professionals were limited to what they could create with props

What they have in store for the users?

Digital backdrops have revolutionized the way pictures are composed, allowing for stunning photoshoots and portraits, eye popping posters and book covers, and eccentric magazine editorials, all created by merging an original, real image with a beautiful, sometimes unreal backdrop using famous photo edition software such as the infamous Photoshop, which allows any background to be replaced to bring any image the imagination can come up with to life.

But the beauty of digital backdrops isn’t only in what they allow digital and visual artists to do, but also in themselves. Not all digital backgrounds are the same, obviously, and they can range between anything from a solid color, to a beautiful gradient, a cartoon landscape or a celestial backdrop. While some of these are quite simple to make, just by altering the background color or adding a simple gradient effect using photo editing software, apps or websites, others require a great deal of artistry to make, especially those which involve effects such as lightening, and those which are made And while composition is really what allows a digital backdrop to work and make a picture really come to life, that is not the only reason why enlisting professional help to find and apply a digital backdrop to your pictures might pay off.

While most people are able to change a picture’s background color or delete it completely – at least after watching or reading a tutorial on the subject – not everybody can take pictures from space or atop a snowy mountain, and neither do they have access to licensed stock photo directories, where these images can be found and commissioned.

How to start out with them?

The good news is that there are a number of websites which do offer a range of free digital backdrops. But they are always going to be limited as far as options go. They are, however, a good place to start when experimenting with digital backgrounds, particularly if you plan on using them for practicing However, for those who are serious about digital photography, investing in collections of digital overlays which they can pick and choose from when composing their pictures really tends to pay off. In fact, you’ll be thankful for having made the investment when you finally meet the approval or clients and peers, effectively launching your career in the world of digital photography.